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Thread: Reposting this

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    Reposting this

    As you sit with no before and after, there is nothing in between.
    As you sit with no more why? How? Where? Who? What? It is answered quietly.
    Thoughts or no thoughts, who cares?
    Mountain and clouds, father to sons, do not stain each other.
    The grass, green before you could say how green it was
    People, objects, cars, stuff, all coming and going
    before you could even name them
    even before before comes to mind


    As you sit this, in this, out of this, all of this.
    As you sit beyond the many and the one, beyond the beyond,
    it is complete



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    Re: Reposting this


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    Re: Reposting this

    Thank you. Gassho

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    Re: Reposting this

    Hello all,

    I see great beauty in 'this'.



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