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Thread: MONDAYS with Taigu!! by Dave

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    MONDAYS with Taigu!! by Dave

    There will be no talk yesterday. We will just sit...yesterday..which is today and tommorrow.

    ( Who's got your back ,Taigu?)

    Dave _/_

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    Re: MONDAYS with Taigu!! by Dave

    Hi Dave, hi all,

    I was away on Monday, it was National holiday here in Japan. I might be able to record something very late tonight.
    Take graet care



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    Re: MONDAYS with Taigu!! by Dave

    Yeah, Jundo mentioned it on today's talk. I just borrowed yours for purposes of fun. If we get a talk this week then cool , if not there is always next week.

    Dave _/_

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    Re: MONDAYS with Taigu!! by Dave

    The Japanese celebrate Columbus Day too?! COOL!

    (I'm kidding, of course...) ops:


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