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Thread: It is what it is

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    It is what it is

    So I'm walking to the store and something popped up( That happens sometimes).

    It seems that there is some idea of what Zen or Zen practice is. Or what it is supposed to be. Basically, it is what it is. It is exactly what it is. Some say it is intimacy, or balance, or being beyond like or dislike, living a good life etc. But for the large part, it is perhaps all those things and none of them. It is exactly what it is.

    Some say "dropping". Perhaps it is that, but it is not the idea of dropping, nor is it the idea that it is not the idea of dropping. It is experience perhaps. It is is the moment perhaps. It is intelligence perhaps, or any of the myriad words that are used to describe it. However, It is what it is. Beyond words, beyond what we would like it to be. Beyond what we think it is.



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    Re: It is what it is


    Nice one Will. But not the "idea" of nice! :Or maybe it is. :wink:

    Gassho, Jundo

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    Re: It is what it is


    I have no idea what 'Zen' is. I used to ignore all books which mentioned 'Zen'.

    At most I would say that 'Zen' is 'Buddhism' with a slight emphasis on meditation. And 'Buddhism' is a set of practices to help people to discover the true nature of reality.

    Cheers, Paul

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    Re: It is what it is

    Frank Zappa Sensei:

    You are what you is
    You is what you am
    (A cow don't make ham . . . )
    You ain't what you're not
    So see what you got
    You are what you is
    An' that's all it 'tis

    BS (appropriate initials for me don't you think?)

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    Re: It is what it is

    BS (appropriate initials for me don't you think?)


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    Re: It is what it is

    Hi Will,

    Thank you for sharing this. I also Love Zappa roshi. Things always pop up for me, the windmill of the mind is a restless and chaotic place. And yet. 10 000 words may express silence, a few can be very noisy. It is not the wording that matters but the being-time it arises from. Putting our dirty paws on it, however brilliantly we put it and phrase it, is off the mark. Letting things totally pop is part of our path. Dogen did not collect his lectures and letters and words into a bundle to cast words in stone, he also wanted the words to reflect the ever changing nature of all things. Just a thought and pop! :P



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