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Thread: Composting Life

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    Composting Life

    Hiya, Everyone,

    "Garbage can smell terrible, especially rotting organic matter. But it can also become rich compost for fertilizing the garden. The fragrant rose and the stinking garbage are two sides of the same existence. Without one, the other cannot be. Everything is in transformation. The rose that wilts after six days will become a part of the garbage. After six months the garbage is transformed into a rose. When we speak of impermanence, we understand that everything is in transformation. This becomes that, and that becomes this.

    Looking deeply, we can contemplate one thing and see everything else in it. We are not disturbed by change when we see the interconnectedness and continuity of all things. It is not that the life of any individual is permanent, but that life itself continues.

    --Thich Nhat Hanh, in Present Moment, Wonderful Moment"

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    Re: Composting Life

    It is not that the life of any individual is permanent, but that life itself continues.
    And we are all part of it. From the sky to the ants. From concrete to weeds. Moving, changing. When we breathe in, that is sky we are breathing. We look up and see something what is it? Give it a name: The sky. We say something like: we breathe it, but really it's just part of the heap.


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