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Thread: a new bookclubbook?

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    a new bookclubbook?

    Hi everybody.

    We here in my hometown are having a little bookclub/discussiongroup in buddhism (thanks chicanobudista).
    And we're searching for a new book to read.
    Here's the quirks.
    it got to be good reading/discussion both for new and old readers.
    It got to be "sectioned in" so as it is suitable for a bookclub read.
    It got to be "easy" to read.
    It got to be "broad", since we're all from different "style's" and some dont like always reading "zenlitterature" och "tibetanbuddhismlitterature" as some say.

    got any suggestions?

    May the force be with you

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    Re: a new bookclubbook?

    Suggestions in so far as a Buddhist book?
    Do you nave a page qty limit?

    FWIW, "Crooked Cucumber" is a good read. :|

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    Re: a new bookclubbook?

    Buddhism without beliefs, from S Batchelor. He has koeran Zen and tibetan training, and has some intersting stuff for everybody.

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    Re: a new bookclubbook?

    Quote Originally Posted by Alberto
    Buddhism without beliefs, from S Batchelor. He has koeran Zen and tibetan training, and has some intersting stuff for everybody.
    I'm with Al. Buddhism Without Beliefs is a good read. So is One Dharma by Joseph Goldstein.
    Both books fit your criteria I think.


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    Re: a new bookclubbook?

    Hi everybody.

    Thanks everybody.
    Let the suggestions keep coming, i'll relay them to the other bookclubmembers.

    May the force be with you

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    Re: a new bookclubbook?

    I agree about the Batchelor - one of the most interesting books on Buddhism I've ever read.

    However, if your group is hesitant about the "ism", you might want to try one of Jon Kabat-Zinn's books, such as Wherever You Go There You Are. He presents non-denominational meditation that won't offend anyone.


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    Re: a new bookclubbook?

    There are two free audio tapes of Stephen http://www.rosecantine.com/2007/02/2...buddha-nature/Batchelor, and a link to his website, here.



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    Re: a new bookclubbook?

    I'd vote for Stephen Batchelor as well, and also Buddhism Is Not What You Think by Steve Hagen. Hagen's extraordinarily good at making difficult concepts understandable. His is a Zen perspective, but not exclusively so.

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    Re: a new bookclubbook?

    i've read all of the above, minus crooked cucumber -- also suggest hagen's "physics" book, "how the world can be the way it is" -- isn't that what this is about? -- also, the granddaddy of them all, "the lazy man's guide to enlightenment", by thaddeus golas(80 pages) -- the latter is proof that the buddha was right, it really is possible to discover reality without "outside assistance" -- of course, he did kind of jump-start the process with a hell of a lot of lsd.(thats thaddeus, not buddha, i think)

    gassho, bob

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    Re: a new bookclubbook?


    I'd recommend Steve Hagen's "Buddhism Plain and Simple" and also Thich Nhat Hanh's "Buddha Mind, Buddha Body".

    Easy to read for everyone but with lots of info that's not overwhelming.

    Many Blessings,

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    Re: a new bookclubbook?

    I liked TNH's The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching." It's an easy read with all the basics.

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