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Thread: The Hermit of Niagara

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    The Hermit of Niagara

    I visited Niagara Falls (Ontario) this weekend, and in my travels I came across the story of a hermit who, in the early 1800s, lived in seclusion on the otherwise uninhabited Goat Island, situated between the two great waterfalls this region is known for. His name was Francis Abbott, and he was said to have been from a wealthy family, well read and intellectual, and yet he gave it all up to live in the wilderness, sleeping in the forest and bathing at the foot of the enormous falls. He lived there for some time, until one day was found drowned downstream.

    This story, in itself, would not have caught my eye had it not have been for his ‘cryptic’ epitaph found carved into a large stone on the island, it read:




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    Re: The Hermit of Niagara

    Very cool story, Kelly, thanks for sharing it.

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