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Thread: vote results

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    vote results

    Ok everyone. I tallied all the votes and it's seems, I'm sorry to say, Jundo is banned from the Leaf. Sorry Jundo better luck next time big guy. It's just all that talking you know. Yap, yap,yap.

    Oh yeah. And the attitude.


    PS. Leave the keys by the door, someone will pick them up.

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    Re: vote results

    'The tribe has spoken... bring me your torch...' :lol:

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    Re: vote results

    I always knew there was something funny about him.

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    Re: vote results

    On Survivor, you can't vote the host off the island.

    But it give me the idea to divide you guys up in tribes and let you fight it out.

    G, J

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    Re: vote results

    What brought this on?

    Oh, and Jundo in case you haven't noticed this insn't "survivor"...

    May the force be with you.

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    Re: vote results

    On Survivor, you can't vote the host off the island.

    If you're really resourceful, though, you can cook and eat him.

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    Re: vote results

    What? No coconuts!

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