Hello All,

I recently registered as a member, however, as I was just looking over the member list, I see that I actually registered a year ago as "Dainin Keith." But I guess I'll just use "Keith." Anyway, you may remember me as a guest sitter with Jundo a few months back, when we bowed to the trash can.

I am originally from Connecticut, now living with my wife and two beautiful young sons in south Florida. I teach a combined Kindergarten/Grade 1 class in a public Montessori school. I have a Ph.D. and MA in education, and a BFA in Drama. I have been practicing Zen for about two-and-a-half years. Up to that point I only read about Zen for many years, but it wasnít until I read Brad Warner's "Hardcore Zen" that I actually got my butt on a zazfu. I will always be grateful for him for that (even though Iím not really into punk or monster movies).

It was via my search for a Soto group in my area that I was fortunate to meet Jundo; and I'm happy to say that he has been my teacher ever since. I took the Precepts with him in a lovely and simple jukai in a beautiful park. He gave me the name Dainin (and he sure knows that I need "Great Patience"). I sure miss him and his family since they moved to Japan, but I am thankful for Treeleaf. I have pretty much read all the posts here and I am very impressed with the level of discourse and civility.

I just ordered "Everyday Zen," so I'll be joining the book club conversation as soon as I am caught up to you all. I would love to post an avatar (I have a photo of myself), but try as I may, I cannot get it to work. So, any assistance with this will be much appreciated!

Enough of me rambling on! It's damn good to be here with you good folks!