Hi all,

Just to let you know that I am currently working on a French website, a simplified version of treeleaf, offering a very convenient platform to access teachings and offer on line practice. Thanks to the help of my beloved student Shohei, this is about to become a reality in the coming few weeks. The place will be named: l' ermitage de la montagne bleue, which means, but you have already figured it out, the Blue mountain hermitage, Seizan An. I would like to post vids in French, offer gentle interaction between members and facilitate communication with this side of Treeleaf. I shall also translate some of my Bro s teachings as well as pointing at suitable practice places in the West, as, some of you may know, not every temple or community offer a balanced and reliable teaching. The idea is also to provide a source of inspiration and also a warm shelter for all the lone wolves that have been kicked out or simply decided to walk out of intolerant practice places.