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Thread: Library Ango, Textbook Rohatsu, and a sore behind

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    Library Ango, Textbook Rohatsu, and a sore behind

    Some general thoughts before I get back to studying:

    I can't believe ango is already over with. It seems like is was over in a flash. I'm pretty sure I spent 90% of it in the library or in a classroom. It was just like normal life only with a lot less ice cream, a little more contemplation, and just the right amount of sitting.

    I missed ALL of the rohatsu retreat. I take my last test of this semester on Monday. Normally I would promised a renewed vigor in my practice and to sit the retreat, but to be honest I'm probably going to spend most of the two weeks sleeping, playing, and goofing off (with some daily sitting, gathas, sutra chanting thrown in for fun)

    Finally, in the humor department; I developed an infection right on my tail bone last week. It made it incredibly painful to sit down for several days. Of all the places to hurt on a soto zen practitioner (and student) I hit the jackpot! On the up side, the doc fixed me up and I'm back in full shikantaza action.

    Just thought I would check in for fun.

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