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Thread: painting pictures of practice.

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    painting pictures of practice.

    I was just wondering about how there is a joy in articulating practice, painting a picture in words, and learning to do it better. It is similar to painting a picture of a landscape. There is a creative impulse to try and express an experience or understanding as best as possible. Inevitably it misses the mark.... it always goes "clunk", ...but the point is in the articulating.. there is a joy in that process.

    Zen is said to be "beyond words".. yet the history of Zen is richly worded. It makes sense that teachers speak. They have a job to do. But is it also true that the words of Zen, expressing experience in words, can also be sheer creative exuberance for no damn reason at all ? ...just for joy of it? Thanks Daizan
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    ". . .then throw it all away."

    Practice with humility, respect all beings, avoid attachments, give rise to prajña from your own awareness, put an end to delusions - Hui-neng

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    Superb teachings from the great Daido. Thank you john C for this empty treasure chest.
    And please, remember, it is all about you, not rice cakes, not Daido, not some awakening somehow, somewhere, sometimes.


    Taigu, teacher at Treeleaf Sangha, was born in 1964, started Zazen early and received Shukke Tokudo in 1983 at age 18 from Rev. Mokusho Zeisler of the Deshimaru Lineage. Received Dharma Transmission from Chodo Cross in 2002. Now resides in Osaka, Japan.

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    Thank you John and Taigu.


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    Hi Daizan.

    It's pretty much all I try to do, and without sounding too pretentious, all I try not to do. I have two stories, fiction, etc, one just out, another about to be out, in a couple of journals. Nobody will read them except probably a few people. That's okay. The impulse is both strong and daunting, freeing and frightening. I don't know the reason, though; I think I once did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daizan View Post
    But is it also true that the words of Zen, expressing experience in words, can also be sheer creative exuberance for no damn reason at all ? ...just for joy of it?
    I think the Shobogenzo and Ehei Koroku are full of just that. And you and I can do it too. Just riffing, man - woohoo!

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    We really need to talk to babies and children more.

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