Hi guys,

Some time ago I read something about a Sit-a-Thon organized by the SFZC.
I don't remember the specifics of this anymore, but I got the idea maybe we could do something like that "Treeleaf Style".

This is just a half-baked idea, I don't know if it is feasible, but here some thoughts:
- Since we are not bound by timezones we could do a 24 hour Sit-a-Thon via G+, where everyone could join and leave the hangout whenever they please. Since hangouts are limited to 10 persons AFAIK we could open additional hangouts when there are lots of people.
Everyone who sits can donate some money via Paypal (or not if they cannot afford it)
- We could invite non-Treeleaf members to this Sit-a-Thon in other Buddhist internet communities, via Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Platforms like Sweeping Zen, Tricycle, etc. might be good places to advertise this.
For a small donation of ones own choice (via Paypal?) non-TL members could become a member of a G+ Sit-a-Thon group in order to join. If someone cannot donate, they can participate as well.
- After the Sit-a-Thon we could donate the raised money to a good cause.

This is probably just a crazy idea, I don't even know if it is technically feasible - I just wanted to mention it.