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Thread: Treeleaf transcribing and translation project - be a contributor! ;-)

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    Treeleaf transcribing and translation project - be a contributor! ;-)

    Hey friends,

    We are starting a project to translate the main contents of the site (manuals, introductory material, "sit-a-long" videos, and others) in order to make the content available to people with hearing disabilities, non-English speakers and others who for some reason can not understand English of the contents in text and audio on the community.

    For this, we need volunteers to meet the project at different stages, initially the following:

    1- Transcribing the entire audio of the introductory videos, this transcript will be the basis for our translation work and subtitling of these videos (summarized here) while simultaneously other people translates the Basic Zazen manual here on the site into several languages​​.

    1.1 - The transcripted texts will be revised, to assure content fidelity.

    2- Then, the members of the translation team will translate it and send it back to the one who will put the subtitles on the video (fitting the sentences into the video times, etc.).

    3- Finally, the subtitles will be put on Youtube, hopefully translated in several languages.

    We need native English speakers to get the job of transcribing the audio of the introductory videos. They'll listen and write down the phrases that are transcribing from the video into a text file (. Txt) in different paragraphs. That will be our "transcribing team". And we'll need people native/proficient in other languages: they'll be the "translating team".

    So, I ask members that have the time for this job that tell me here or through private message, informing the native language, proficiency in English (native / speaker) and availability.

    Isn't it exciting?

    What do you think?

    Thank you!


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