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Thread: 2013 Walk For Hunger - Buddhist Global Relief

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    2013 Walk For Hunger - Buddhist Global Relief

    This November I will be walking the NYC leg of Walk For hunger. Here is a link to my fundraising page if anyone would like to make a contribution.

    or to find a walk near you, and possibly take part, here is a link to The Walk For Hunger schedule on BGR's website.


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    Awesome Chuck! Deep bows!

    If I am posting, I have sat today.

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    Wonderful Chuck ... it is always great to make an active difference.

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    As a trainee priest, please take any commentary by me on matters of the Dharma with a pinch of salt.

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    Awesome stuff Chuck.

    I'm going to find out about the walk in the UK. Thanks for the link.

    Deep bows,

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    Good deal! I'll have to see if I can pitch in somewhere!
    "Zen does not confuse spirituality with thinking about God while one is peeling potatoes. Zen spirituality is just to peel the potatoes."-- Alan Watts

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    Awesome Chuck! I checked out the page .


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    Quote Originally Posted by Seimyo View Post
    Awesome Chuck! I checked out the page .


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    Just in case anyone is thinking of volunteering or participating in the UK (Yorkshire) BGR walk, the date posted on the BGR website is incorrect. It actually happened over the weekend.


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    That's a bummer. I wonder what happened? I just double checked the NY date and it's still Nov. 2.

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