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Thread: What Buddha felt while "zazening" to achieve Satori?

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    What Buddha felt while "zazening" to achieve Satori?

    Hi friends,

    I was thinking...

    Is there any Sutra (or Sutras) on which the Buddha describes what he felt during the time he meditated to achieve Satori and what was his mental attitude when he felt the feelings/thoughts/desires coming in (as Mara's "temptations")?

    Whats it´s title?


    Last edited by Marcos; 07-17-2013 at 11:50 AM. Reason: wrong use of expression in english (Sutra's "name" instead of Sutra's "title"). sorry.

    Marcos (former username: mpdalles)


    "Does anyone else have a question? If so, let him ask now! But
    the instant you open your mouth you’re already way off. Why is this? Don’t
    you know that Venerable Śākyamuni said, ‘Dharma is separate from words,
    because it is neither subject to causation nor dependent upon conditions’?"

    Master Linji Yixuan

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