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Thread: Possible Western States Mini Retreat/Group Practice?

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    Possible Western States Mini Retreat/Group Practice?

    Hi Everyone,

    I've been kicking around the idea of a little, mini, weekend practice retreat here in Colorado or Utah. We have so many awesome retreat spaces available for really low costs! I plan on going on a personal retreat for a weekend this summer no matter what, possibly multiple weekend intensives, but I wondered if anyone was interested or available to come out here and get together.

    I was thinking Crestone or Moab area. Is anyone within reach?

    In gassho,

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    Great initiative!

    I do travel to Denver for work at times but that is about the extent of my visits to the area.

    If one does arise then maybe I could make it a work/retreat trip.

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    Great idea! Good luck with this. Maybe you could have some sittings live online?
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