Hi guys!

For the ones who don't know, I have a blog in Spanish where I write about Buddhism and what little Zen I know. It's been slowly growing for about 6 years and last year during a humanitarian emergency, I told readers I'd open an online meditation class in exchange of donations towards Native Mexican people who were starving.

I had hope to get at least 5 people donating, but in the end I had about 35 people donating and willing to start sitting!

A few months later I repeated the experiment and the group grew to have 75 people. I was blown away and overwhelmed because of the amount of work that had fallen upon me! So I decided to record podcasts and basic meditation instructions for people to download. I came up with 6 sessions for 6 weeks and I would answer questions over email (almost everyone) and meet via Skype with the ones who had specific questions (luckily it was only about 5 people).

People reacted very well and some even report they sit daily after that.

In late December 2012 I started to get emails and messages asking if I was going to open up a new "workshop". I hadn't even thought about it, but I agreed.

So for the following 6 weeks I'll have 25 people (and me) donating to UNESCO, Native Mexicans and Medics Without Borders... and me working hard to get this new guys started in sitting.

What is really interesting is that what started as an experiment is turning into a recurring activity. People is willing to give charity and sitting a chance!

Lets see how this goes.

Wish me luck