Greetings all,
In the United States, January 21 is Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday. This day has been designated a day of service by the U.S. Congress. There are a number of service activities being organized at the local level in honor of the legacy of human dignity and service to others. I think these are principles we live for globally, not just in the United States. I thought you might like to know of this initiative - my family and I will be out on the 19th and the 21st - one one day we will be collecting food donations for the local Hunger Prevention Project, on the other we will be doing a cleanup along the coast (in a location yet to be determined). This depends somewhat on the weather - it is snowing here presently!

Please consider supporting this legacy and standing together - it is all part of our practice.

Here is the link - there is a lot of neat information:

Deep bows,