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Thread: Small act of kindness creates huge chain reaction

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    Small act of kindness creates huge chain reaction


    Last friday, someone in Winnipeg, Ontario, Canada, while passing through a Tim Hortons coffee shop drive through, decided to buy the coffee of the person behind them in a random act of kindness.
    This small, inexpensive, act of kindness, set off a chain reaction, and the next 228 customers did the same, spanning over a four hour period.

    Incredible. 228 people returned to work, families or wherever they were headed, with a little less cynicism about life. All from $1.60.

    The actual number, was in fact 229, because after hearing this, I will be doing the same.

    If so inclined, if you have the means, if you happen to find yourself in a drive through between now and new years.......



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    Wonderful story, thanks for sharing Shawn ... I did this before during a drive through and the bug came from Dokan.

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    thats an impressive story.

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    I remember Dokan posting that last year!



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    Yeah I like to call it "Pay it backward." I love doing that because people in coffee drive thru queues are normally grumpy and in a rush to get to work.


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    Very neat!
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    Nice! I heard this on the radio on my way to work too.
    I have done this very thing myself at random and not so random times. A not so random time I was pulling in to the drive thru, late for work and a person was trying to cross some 3 lanes of traffic to get in, right in front of the multiple signs that said DO NOT TURN LEFT, I never hesitated a second swing in ahead of him (hey he was breaking the law!) and he followed right behind. so anywho... got up to the mic and my own random act of being an ass was apparent, so I paid up. after that I just do it when I can swing it (Mondays are a great time for this too as it can make a persons dreary morning )


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    This is a long video (18 minutes) but a good one on how "stuff" spreads through networks. Depression, smoking habits, obesity, kindness, altruism, happiness. The good news is we get to pick what we put into the network. Keep being good for the world.


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    People can be incredible- once a person at a local coffee shop bought one drink off of a gift card that was given to her, then passed it down the line to the person behind her, and so on.. About 6 people got a free breakfast that day! It was such a kind way to start out. Gassho, Seizan

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    due to our European economic crisis, quite a few Spanish coffee places/bars and restaurants have introduced the so called "Café Perdiente". Usually how this works is that you pay for your coffee and for another persons's coffee, though that person doesn't have to be there at the same time. All the available Café Perdientes are recorded on a blackboard and then subtracted when someone comes along (especially regulars who lost their jobs etc.) who cannot afford their usual coffee ritual.
    This allows a lot of people to keep their sense of personal dignity even in hard times.


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    Yes, kindness travels in waves. I've seen the videos and how people react to this.

    I have tried that here in Mexico, but it's very sad to report that I have never had anything started. Clerks just keep that money.

    I will keep on trying of course.

    Thank you for sharing. Awesome story.


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    Here in Canada we have Tim Horton's and they have these things called Tim Cards. You can load the card with what ever dollar amount you wish ... then use it for any item in the store.

    I have used this before to help people who are homeless as it gives them some food and warm drink. It's also helpful as it provides them with what they need and not what they don't.

    倫道 真現

    As a trainee priest, please take any commentary by me on matters of the Dharma with a pinch of salt.

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