Howdy all,

A question that comes to mind is how zen has affected others' personal ethics in the world. I recall sitting many years ago and having the sudden sense of all the suffering going on in the world. Of course I was sitting on a beautiful summer afternoon, in complete comfort, and listening to the happy sounds of life in the 'burbs at the time - lawnmowers, kids playing outdoors, etc. Still, the sudden sense of a world in agony came sharply into mind despite the tranquility of all going on around me. And I was suddenly a crying wreck. Wow. Zen also led to my becoming vegetarian and eventually vegan. I don't suspect my experience is in any way unique, and I suspect it came as a result of the meditation itself and not as a result of attempting to follow any specific ethical ideals.

It would be interesting to learn of how zen has specifically changed others actions in the world. I suspect there's an interesting connection between meditative awareness on the cushion and actions in the world.