Hi Everyone,

I searched and didn't find a "going green" thread, so if there is one I apologize in advance. I think that living green is a great dana practice- after all, it is consciously giving back and serving the earth! I've recently decided to make more of a commitment to living green/sustainably, and I wondered if anyone else had or if anyone has easy at home green projects to start out with! It's such a major lifestyle change for an American that it is overwhelming at times. My two current projects are below.

So I took it easy, and started a compost pile! http://voices.yahoo.com/how-create-d...ge-447897.html I used this as a guide. I was going to build a fancier one, but I figured I should see how it goes first. I hope to set up some small greenhouses this winter.

Also started researching going package-less- it is INSANE how much waste there is in the US due to packaging. Japan is actually pretty high on the list for least-packaging! So are some European countries. My country... is not. I decided to try to take it one item at a time. For instance, coffee beans- do I really need a new bag every time I get beans from the store? I'm going to try to sew myself a little coffee pouch out of fabric that I can fill up every time I need coffee. Weighs about the same as the paper bags so it doesn't add cost, and I can store the beans at home in an airtight container. We go through so much coffee that this probably will save a lot of trees! And the grounds can now go in my compost bin, yay. Also, note to myself, remember the canvas bags!! They don't help save bags at the grocery if I leave them at home, or in the car. Yikes.