I seem to have posted my actions elsewhere...but I was thinking about giving away the eggs my battery-rescued chickens spend hours laying to the elderly folks in my neighbourhood. This stemmed from the many chance encounters I have had where I have spent a lot of time just listening to their stories and problems.
This week many tales involve children who can't get jobs; grandchildren damaging their lives on drugs;and the incomprehensible (to them) way that young couples in their families treat each other. I have given away 3 boxes of eggs so far and the effect of just listening is visible on their faces as we part. 'A problem shared being a problem halved'. What strikes me most is the extent to that their generation does understand the pressures and difficulties that life now throws at us, but feel powerless when things go wrong for their loved ones. Chatting has been a lovely experience for me so I hope to keep it going. The trouble is my wife seems to have picked up on this idea and is handing out my eggs (!!) to fellow (younger) students on her course, who are obviously in need of better nutrition! I think I may need to get more chickens!
It's not a grand scheme but it has involved me more in the lives of my neighbours in a small way.