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    Jundo asked me to present this Koan, so although i'm just an humble man not of big words, here is the next case.

    Main case:

    When Rinzai was about to pass away, he charges Sansho: ”After i depart, do not let my True Dharma Eye be extinguished.”
    Sansho said, ”How could i let your True Dharma Eye be extinguished?”
    Rinzai Countered, ”If someone suddenly asks you about it, how will you reply?”
    Sansho gave an shout, and Rinzai remarked, ” Who would have thought my True Dharma Eye would be extinguished upon reaching this blind monkey?”

    This koan has many facets and points, but let's focus on a few.
    The first line in the preface says ”Devoted entirely to others, oneself is unknown”.
    This is one of the main reasons i like to go to the Treeelaf teaparty every sunday, it gives me an opportunity to give myself, to just be be there completely for others, listening to other's stories, forgetting myself and devoting me to them.
    Rinzai's question is an dobleedged sword, as it is sometimes not answerable, sometimes just a trick and sometimes...

    Treeleaf Angoperiod is coming up, in what ways can you devote yourself entirely to others, making yourself unknown?
    Do you have any examples of people devoting themselves entirely to others, and if so what are they and what have you learned from them?

    No need to tell if you do, just keep it to yourself, but do you have an answer to Rinzai's question and how does that feel?

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