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On Sharing

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Our Daughter has spent the last three weeks coping with the ravages of the floods in southern Alberta. She lives in a small village on the banks of the Bow River as it pours down the eastern foot hills of the Rockies. Fortunately, her rental accommodations sit on posts. The house used to have a skirt about these posts so she was completely unaware of this and horrified when the raging water ripped them away. The flood also cleared away the driveway, front path and anything else in the yard, to be replaced by various other articles and mud from neighbor's yards. The cleanup has been exhausting. Roads were washed away so that she was unable to go to work( she tells us she may be able to start again this week end); since her employer was also flooded and incurred greater losses. The damage inside the house was minimal but her landlord fearing the possibility of mold, has reimbursed some of the rent with a promise to do what he can to help.
In times like this that we wish we lived on something more than just a pension. But, it is what it is, we do what we can. Unfortunately, that is only a word of encouragement over the telephone which appears to be appreciated. We are all in this together, none gets out alive. It is important to share our love, feel misfortunes and celebrate the good.


仁道 生開 - Jindo Shokai "Open to life in a benevolent way"
Just a humble novice; go somewhere else to listen to someone who really knows.


  1. Kyonin's Avatar
    Hope everything is okay now.

    Will sit for you guys.