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And the wheel keeps turning

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Today is my 28,124th rotation on planet earth and the beginning of my 78th circuit around our sun. In celebration of that and completion of the preceding introduction to the 108 Gates of Dharma Illumination, I propose to take this opportunity to review the gates at a slightly deeper level with the view to exploring how they could or should, relate to each of us personally.

You'll recall the first gate is Right Belief and perhaps that I naively concluded:

May we, together with all beings
Realize and nuture right belief
So that our mind and intention may b be strengthened

Before considering what comprises Right Belief, we should perhaps ask ourselves what are the differences between belief and knowledge; or faith and wisdom; remembering all the while that the responsibility for this determination is ours alone. Rewards of lasting value require patient and persistent toil. You could say what it comes down to is solving our own personal Genjo Koan. Good luck with that and thank you for your practice.


Right belief is a gate of Dharma Illumination for (with it) the steadfast mind is not broken.