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    Free Sitting Room

    I use it. I would say I see someone about 10% of the time.

    Gassho, Kyotai

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    I'm not very good at zazen

    Funny I just listened to another Domyo Burke podcast today about deepening Zazen without getting "stuck" in either complacent satisfaction or

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    Free Sitting Room

    I have Sat there alone at various times, but that never bothers me. Most of my friends globally are in different time zones, so i am used to "time

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    I'm not very good at zazen

    There is no "good" zazen nor is there any "bad" zazen. There is just "YOUR" zen. As with life it's always changing. Flow

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    Zazen and the Analytical Mind

    I often have trouble keeping my eyes closed to the one third degree without becoming a little headachy or dizzy or sleepy. So I often take Taigu's advice

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