• Our 'Shukke Tokudo' Homeleaving Ordination of Kyonin, Yugen & Shokai - THIS SUNDAY!

    This Sunday June 9th (Sunday 10 AM Eastern Time, 7AM Pacific Time in North America, 3pm London Time and 4pm Paris Time), our Sangha will welcome new novice priests through the ritual of 'Shukke Tokudo' Homeleaving Ordination.

    As is typical of our Sangha, the ceremony will be conducted simultaneously in four places around the world ... dropping all thought of here and there, now and then ... with the Preceptor (Jundo) in Japan, and our Ordainees, Kyonin Barros in Mexico, Shokai Maxwell in Canada and Yugen Kemos in the United States.

    If you would like to witness the ceremony, and join in our celebration, the netcast will be seen at this link ...


    The ceremony will be about an hour or so. So far, Shingen (Michael) has agreed to join us on Google+ "as a witness, and we have room for 3 additional folks who have webcams and know how to join a Google+ Hangout. If you can commit to being there, and are already familiar with Google+, please post below. While everyone else will watch "one way" at the link above, Shingen and the others will be representing the warm hearts of everyone witnessing the ceremony from home.

    If you cannot join us live, FEAR NOT, as the entire event will be recorded and shared with everyone at the above link for all to witness later.

    Thank you to all in our Sangha for joining us in this time of celebration.

    If you would like to read a bit more about the meaning of Shukke Tokudo Homeleaving as a Novice-Priest here at Treeleaf, please look here ...


    Gassho, Jundo
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    1. Genshin's Avatar
      Genshin -
      This is wonderful! Deep bows and much respect for Kyonin, Shokai and Yugen.

      If there is a free space I would be honored to act as a witness. If not I will be there at the back.
      Deep bows,
    1. Myozan Kodo's Avatar
      Myozan Kodo -
      Wonderful! Wonderful!
    1. Jundo's Avatar
      Jundo -
      Yes, Matt. Thank you.
    1. Jundo's Avatar
      Jundo -
      Oh, and if I may ask for witnesses to dress a bit for the event ... button down and jacket for the gents, no t-shirts please.

      Please wear your Rakusu if you have too.
    1. Seisou's Avatar
      Seisou -
      Much respect and bows to you all.
    1. Taikyo's Avatar
      Taikyo -
      My deep respect and congratulations to the homeleavers. May they walk the way with joy and love.

      I can be there and act and would be honoured to acts as a witness if suitable.


    1. Jakugan's Avatar
      Jakugan -
      Kyonin, Shokai and Yugen, congratulations!
    1. Jundo's Avatar
      Jundo -
      Hello David,

      You are welcome to join us at Google+. I will add your name.

      Gassho, J
    1. willow's Avatar
      willow -
      Kyonin, Shokai and Yugen - congratulations, will look forward to watching the recorded netcast.

      You have all been such a solid presence at Tree Leaf for me.

      Thank you for your practice


    1. Kyonin's Avatar
      Kyonin -
      Thank you all.

      It is a very special time for us. I hope you all can make it.


    1. Daijo's Avatar
      Daijo -
      I'll be there in whatever capacity is needed.
    1. Seimyo's Avatar
      Seimyo -
      I'll be there to see my brothers leave home.

    1. Heisoku's Avatar
      Heisoku -
      Great news. Much respect with deep bows.
    1. Shujin's Avatar
      Shujin -
      Since we seem to have (at least to my count), three witnesses, I'm willing to be held in reserve in case of the unexpected. Congratulations, guys - well deserved

    1. Yugen's Avatar
      Yugen -
      My Brother Kyonin is right. This is a very special time for us - I am nothing but the recipient of the grace, and opportunity, that you all have created by practicing here. This opportunity is something to be cherished, nourished, and recognized for its renewal, day by day. I shall do my very best to be worthy of your practice.

      We celebrate what you all have created here.

      Thank you.

      Deep bows
    1. Koshin's Avatar
      Koshin -
      Will join "one way"... congratulations

    1. Shingen's Avatar
      Shingen -
      Yes, this is a wonderful time and would be honored to be there live to witness.

    1. Daisho's Avatar
      Daisho -
      Kyonin,Yugen and Shokai, congratulations and thank you for continuing to give our Sangha your support and practice.
    1. chessie's Avatar
      chessie -
      Deep bows to all of you, and to each of you. Gassho, Ann/Josho
    1. Jiken's Avatar
      Jiken -
      Gassho guys

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