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    The Lineage: A Continuing History...

    The history of Zen Buddhism presents itself as a family saga. Each priest of the Sôtô school today belongs to an uninterrupted line which traces itself either to Gasan Jôseki Zenji (1276-1366) or to Meihô Sotetsu Zenji (1277-1350), two disciples of Keizan Zenji, all other Japanese lines having since become extinct. One is integrated into a lineage at the time of the ceremony of Transmission of the Dharma, by which the Master makes the Disciple his successor. Presented here is the chain of teachers that connects Eihei Dôgen Zenji to Gudo Nishijima Roshi, and in the 41st generation from Dogen, Jundo James Cohen of the Treeleaf Zendo. As well, its links are said to reach back in time through China and India, on to the historical Buddha, Śhākyamuni. The line is also closely associated, ever since the middle of the 15th century, with the temple Tôkei' in, located near to the Japanese town of Shizuoka. It is a long, yet continuing history. In an important sense, it is not to be limited to any place or nation, nor is it merely a timeline which flows from past to present: In Dogen’s teachings, past is present is future, while the future flows into the past as the past becomes the future. In this way, each teacher stands for all others, and all are with us now.

    References: For a history of the development of Zen in Japan, please refer to William Bodiford, Sôtô Zen in Medieval Japan... read more
    Kyonin 11-18-2014, 10:40 PM


    We are pleased to introduce our Friend and Brother Community, BLUE MOUNTAIN WHITE CLOUDS HERMITAGE, established by Rev. Taigu Turlur,... read more
    Kyonin 11-18-2014, 10:28 PM
  • SIT-A-LONG with Jundo: BUDDHA BOO!

    Halloween is a good time to talk about ...

    ... the things that SCARE US!

    Today’s Sit-A-Long video follows at this link. Remember: recording ends soon after the beginning bells; a sitting time of 15 to 35 minutes is recommended

    This article was originally published in forum thread: SIT-A-LONG with Jundo: BUDDHA BOO! started by Jundo View original post
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    1. adrianbkelly's Avatar
      adrianbkelly -
      Thanks Jundo!

      Maybe we could have a Treeleaf hungry ghost feeding service for Halloween?

    1. willow's Avatar
      willow -
      Thanks Jundo - much appreciated.

      (the fluttering of wings is not a favourite with me either!)


    1. Koshin's Avatar
      Koshin -
      Thank you Jundo

    1. Onken's Avatar
      Onken -
      Thanks Jundo!
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      Jishin -
      Thank you Jundo.
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      Daizan -

    1. Shingen's Avatar
      Shingen -
      Wonderful, thank you Jundo.

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      Daido -

    1. Nindo's Avatar
      Nindo -
      Fear is ... walking across this bridge!
      Attachment 684
    1. Beryl's Avatar
      Beryl -
      Jundo it is so good to hear from and see you again. Beryl
    1. Kyonin's Avatar
      Kyonin -
      Thank you, Jundo.


    1. Heisoku's Avatar
      Heisoku -
      Thank you Jundo. I think this is an important topic as there is so much induced fear being paraded in the media and it is a weapon of compliance used by managers in a range of settings. Dealing with this is an everyday necessity for some.
    1. Myozan Kodo's Avatar
      Myozan Kodo -
      Thanks for this.
    1. Shokai's Avatar
      Shokai -
      Thank you Jundo. That's what I said when the bat bit me
    1. Yutai's Avatar
      Yutai -
      Thank you, Jundo.
    1. Risho's Avatar
      Risho -
      Thank you for admitting those fears; I share in those as well. Also, I have some family members that suffer mental illness, and it's awesome that we live in a time where mental illness is no longer such a stigma. I know it still can be considered that way by some, but I think overall it's becoming recognized as just like any other illness that should be treated.


    1. KellyRok's Avatar
      KellyRok -
      I used to think that fear was its own entity. An enemy that would rear its ugly head. I've begun to realize that fear is just another part of what makes up this thing we call self. Sometimes it just needs to be embraced and accepted as it is, and then we can move on.

      Thank you for this Jundo!

    1. Shingen's Avatar
      Shingen -
      Quote Originally Posted by KellyRok View Post
      ... Sometimes it just needs to be embraced and accepted as it is, and then we can move on ...
      Nice ... thank you!

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      rculver -

    1. Daitetsu's Avatar
      Daitetsu -
      What a great video - thanks a lot, Jundo!

      We can only make sense of the world by contrasts.
      If everything were white (or blue or gray), how could we discern one thing from the other?
      Without valleys there are no mountains. How could we appreciate good times if there were no bad times?
      Without contrasts everything would be flat.
      So even fear has its place in life, its value so to speak.
      The Taoists for example don't talk of opposites, but of polarities. Good/bad, high/low, up/down - just like poles of a magnet, you can't have the one without the other.
      The Yin-Yang symbol shows this quite well IMHO. Interestingly, Abbot Muho from Antai-ji also used this concept in one of his books.

      One of my mottos in life is "This too shall pass". And it works quite often.
      Oh my, this post is too long, I'm afraid...