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    The Lineage: A Continuing History...

    The history of Zen Buddhism presents itself as a family saga. Each priest of the Sôtô school today belongs to an uninterrupted line which traces itself either to Gasan Jôseki Zenji (1276-1366) or to Meihô Sotetsu Zenji (1277-1350), two disciples of Keizan Zenji, all other Japanese lines having since become extinct. One is integrated into a lineage at the time of the ceremony of Transmission of the Dharma, by which the Master makes the Disciple his successor. Presented here is the chain of teachers that connects Eihei Dôgen Zenji to Gudo Nishijima Roshi, and in the 41st generation from Dogen, Jundo James Cohen of the Treeleaf Zendo. As well, its links are said to reach back in time through China and India, on to the historical Buddha, Śhākyamuni. The line is also closely associated, ever since the middle of the 15th century, with the temple Tôkei' in, located near to the Japanese town of Shizuoka. It is a long, yet continuing history. In an important sense, it is not to be limited to any place or nation, nor is it merely a timeline which flows from past to present: In Dogen’s teachings, past is present is future, while the future flows into the past as the past becomes the future. In this way, each teacher stands for all others, and all are with us now.

    References: For a history of the development of Zen in Japan, please refer to William Bodiford, Sôtô Zen in Medieval Japan... read more
    Kyonin 11-18-2014, 10:40 PM


    We are pleased to introduce our Friend and Brother Community, BLUE MOUNTAIN WHITE CLOUDS HERMITAGE, established by Rev. Taigu Turlur,... read more
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    If however there is the tiniest gap, heaven and earth are far apart. If the least tendency arises to go against or conform, the mind is lost in confusion.

    Cependant, s’il existe le plus petit écart, ciel et terre se séparent. Que s’élèvent la plus légère préférence ou le moindre rejet, l’esprit se perd dans la confusion.

    This article was originally published in forum thread: SIT-A-LONG with Taigu FUKANZAZENGI 6 started by Taigu View original post
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    1. Daizan's Avatar
      Daizan -
      Quote Originally Posted by Taigu View Post
      If the least tendency arises to go against or conform....
      Between a rock and a hard place, without a millimetre, I shatter.

      When my wife was undergoing radiation therapy for cancer, she was badly burned, and could only lay still in bed... The pain was complete and could not be escaped from. There was no escape. She said to me " I am like a bug pinned to a wall, I can either wiggle or just be the wall". She was only the pain, the bed, the room.

      I'm not sure if your talk speaks to this exactly, but your quoted line ,for me, points directly at this no room to wiggle, this instant of frozenness, that shatters, leaving open, fluid, aloneness.

    1. murasaki's Avatar
      murasaki -
      This is the base of it all for me. If I had to choose one single teaching to take away from Treeleaf, I think this would be it.
    1. Myozan Kodo's Avatar
      Myozan Kodo -
      Merci Taigu.
    1. Hoyu's Avatar
      Hoyu -
      I wish not to use the Dharma, but be used by the Dharma
      This says it all!

    1. Rimon's Avatar
      Rimon -
      Watching the gap between my life and the Dharma... Hmmmm... It's pretty big.
      Good to know that trying to fill it is not the answer.

      So I'll keep an eye on it.

      Merci Taigu
    1. Yugen's Avatar
      Yugen -
      C'est la vie sportive!

    1. Shokai's Avatar
      Shokai -
      Thank you Taigu, I enjoy this series and look forward to more (oops, "What's next!")
    1. kyo's Avatar
      kyo -
      Great thank you
    1. Risho's Avatar
      Risho -

    1. Bids's Avatar
      Bids -
      Thank you.

    1. Rich's Avatar
      Rich -
      Thanks Taigu. Dogen rocks.
    1. Myoku's Avatar
      Myoku -
      Thank you Taigu,
    1. Kyonin's Avatar
      Kyonin -
      Thank you, Taigu
    1. Shingen's Avatar
      Shingen -
      Wonderful, thanks again Taigu.

    1. Marek's Avatar
      Marek -
      Thank you

    1. disastermouse's Avatar
      disastermouse -

      Do people ever actually think that they are accomplished meditators in this practice? There's always this admonishment - so many Zen teachers talk about it, but it seems that the practice itself repels that kind of thinking. Is there a way to sit zazen where it doesn't just automatically repel this sort of thinking?

      Humility in Zen is letting go, right? Not picking up self-chastisement. I'm thinking about Alan's thread..

    1. Taigu's Avatar
      Taigu -
      Hi Chet,

      When the mind wanders, just come back here and now. When in here and now, just here and now.


    1. Shingen's Avatar
      Shingen -
      Quote Originally Posted by Taigu View Post
      When the mind wanders, just come back here and now. When in here and now, just here and now.
      Wonderful Taigu ... I remember a meditation retreat at the Tamagawa Campus in Nanaimo, BC and we were being taught about the practice of mindfulness. He said, "Simple ... when you breathe in, say to yourself, bring the mind home ... and when breathing out, say, letting go".
    1. Ray's Avatar
      Ray -
      Thanks taigu,

      May be more Aware that i am a fool through bringing awareness to the gap when off the cushion!

      Many thanks again

    1. galen's Avatar
      galen -
      Nice, Taigu, thank you.

      Sitting sitting, forever slowly slowly closing the gap that never closes, until it does.

      Standing up from sitting, forever slowly slowly closing the gap while among the ten thousand gappers. Not sitting, the standing gap only widens.