• Treeleaf 'Shukke Tokudo' Ordination Ceremony: THIS SUNDAY

    This Sunday, our Sangha will welcome new novice priests through the ritual of Shukke Tokudo Ordination. As is typical of our Sangha, the ceremony will be conducted simultaneously in three places around the world ... dropping all thought of here and there, now and then ... with the Preceptor (Jundo Cohen) in Japan, and our Ordainees in Austin, Texas and New York. (We also will welcome one additional new novice priest, Myozan of Dublin, Ireland, who was recently Ordained by Rev. Taigu).

    If you would like to witness the ceremony, and join in our celebration, the netcast will be seen at this link ...


    ... at the following times on APRIL 22nd ...

    11pm Japan time Sunday evening (that is New York 10am, Los Angeles 7am Sunday morning, London 3pm and Paris 4pm Sunday afternoon) ...

    ... for about an hour or so.

    Here's a bit more about it ...
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