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  • SIT-A-LONG with Taigu: The sound of a bell

    In the very begining of Shobogenzo, Dogen quotes a famous poem of Nyojo, his teacher:

    My late master, the eternal buddha, says:

    Whole body like a mouth, hanging in space;
    Not asking if the wind is east, west, south, or north,
    For all others equally, it speaks praj˝ā.
    Chin ten ton ryan chin ten ton.

    Free, careless, empty, the bell and the sound cannot be broken in two. Is the bell just a bell? Isn't the bell bigger, much larger? How large, how big is it? And where are you in the picture?
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    Zoning Out...

    Hi Tony,

    I feel that you really want to "understand" this practise, which one one hand is great and noble, but which is doomed

    Hans Today, 02:33 PM Go to last post

    Zoning Out...

    Sometimes we zone out, sometimes we do not. There is no wrong Zazen.

    But if one is zoning out, and there is not a clear vibrancy to sitting,

    Jundo Today, 02:16 PM Go to last post

    Zoning Out...

    I dont think you need to tell a difference. If sitting zazen is comfortable, enjoy that, there may come days when it is not I think when

    Myoku Today, 02:06 PM Go to last post

    Zoning Out...

    Hmm...might as well stay in bed and Zone out with the wife then. Much more fun than zoning out in a cold conservatory in the dark!

    dharmasponge Today, 01:59 PM Go to last post

    Zoning Out...

    Hi Tony,

    When you zone out, you zone out.
    Sit down and let go. Everything.



    Daitetsu Today, 01:56 PM Go to last post