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    Furthermore, the whole body far transcends dust and dirt: who could believe in the means of sweeping and polishing? In general, we never depart from the place where we should be: of what use, then, are the tiptoes of training?

    De plus, le corps dans sa totalité est au delà de toute poussière, qui peut croire qu’il est besoin de l épousseter et le polir ? En général, jamais nous ne quittons cet endroit mémé, pourquoi se soumettre alors a un entrainement diligent?

    This section refers to the legendary contest in the Platform Sutra between the talented and gifted student and the ignorant and inspired kitchen boy , Huineng, who will ultimately receive the transmission and robe.

    The knowledgeable student writes...

    The body is a Bodhi [Perfect Wisdom] tree,
    the mind a standing mirror bright.
    At all times polish it diligently,
    and let no dust alight.

    and Huineng answers:

    Bodhi is no tree,
    nor is the mind a standing mirror bright.
    Since all is originally empty,
    where does the dust alight?

    Of course, both poems are valid. They complement each other, offering both sides of the same coin.
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    Thank you for posting on Treeleaf! I am looking forward to reading more from Zen On Wheels and the lessons you show us all.

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    Boom! I love that story - thank you Myosha; I actually really like your version



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    I like the analogy of the "board carrying man".
    When you carry the board on your right shoulder you can't see the right side of the street.

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    I'm sorry for being late to the party, but I want to contribute - life obligations (work, etc. nothing serious just time limiting). bla bla bla

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