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    Joy vs Ego?

    Hi Sierra

    I find it beautiful when those moments of joy arise spontaneously and they should be appreciated as we do not know how long they

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    Joy vs Ego?


    I've heard Bernie Glassmann say, ”Just bear witness, man” which i think sort of answers the question/s i think you

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    Joy vs Ego?

    This reminds me of these words from Barry Magid

    "We imagine that we can exile some aspect of ourselves through practice and still

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    Joy vs Ego?

    Yes, thank you Jundo, I think so... I guess somewhere my mind is objecting to seeing beauty and joy in things or situations that might be sad. Recognizing

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    Joy vs Ego?

    You mean is it okay to appreciate the beauty of a flower while there are weeds? Is it "ego" or "Buddha" to appreciate a flower? Is

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