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  1. On Environmental Issues

    And so, finally, I get it. Having spent most of my three score
    and sixteen years wandering about this planet we call home; I finally get it.
    ["And what do you get ?", you may ask.]
    What I get is that the world doesn't need saving !!
    That's not to say it doesn't deserve it after all the abuse that man has
    heaped on it since time began. When you think about it, probably the
    first littering was done by Adam when he threw his apple core away.
    Although, ...

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  2. Day 27866

    So many words, useless thoughts; 10,000 dharmas in your face. Google+ is playing silly buggar; can't join the hangout. It's ok to be fat, overweight, diseased, depressed, happy, exuberant, mellow. All the while, the kids had a good week-end. Someone said, "It's ok to be not ok!" It doesn't matter. Traffic sounds abound. The cardinal doesn't care. He sings a song each morning. In the now cool air it carries for city blocks. A train hurtles from the under-river tunnel bursting into a rainbow of sound. ...

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  3. Islands in the Stream

    This is my first post in what I hope will be a multi-year project logging my journeys to the islands of the Maine Island Trail by kayak.

    The idea for this project came some time after reading Dogen's "Mountains and Waters Sutra" in the Shobogenzo. After years spent as a kayaker and mountaineer, Dogen's writing helped to crystallize what I had been feeling for many years. When in the outdoors, I do not feel the sentiment of the Romantic or Transcendentalist viewing a beautiful sunrise ...
  4. On Sharing

    Our Daughter has spent the last three weeks coping with the ravages of the floods in southern Alberta. She lives in a small village on the banks of the Bow River as it pours down the eastern foot hills of the Rockies. Fortunately, her rental accommodations sit on posts. The house used to have a skirt about these posts so she was completely unaware of this and horrified when the raging water ripped them away. The flood also cleared away the driveway, front path and anything else in the yard, to be ...
  5. Gratitude

    Having just sat with the special zazenkai and listening to "Just" Gustav's talk, my thoughts are many and swirling. i will take some time to think of all this input and perhaps write something about it a little later. Meanwhile, it is a beautiful day outside, the weeds are daring me to pick them amd I also have a busy schedule lined up. Thank you all for your practice and have a great day!!

    仁道 生開 - Jindo Shokai "Open to life in ...

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