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  1. 2/108 Gates of Dharma Illumination

    The Second Gate

    Pure mind is a gate of Dharma Illumination for (with it) there is no defilement.

    free from extraneous matter: simple or homogeneous. clear; free from blemishes:


    May we, together with all beings
    Realize spaciousness
    That is free of defilement.

    仁道 生開 - Jindo Shokai "Open to life in a benevolent way"
    Just another itinerant monk; go somewhere ...
  2. 1/108 Gates of Dharma Illumination

    The First Gate

    Right belief is a gate of Dharma Illumination for (with it) the steadfast mind is not broken.

    an opinion or conviction: confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof.

    May we, together with all beings
    Realize and nuture right belief
    So that our mind and intention may be strengthened

    仁道 生開 - Jindo Shokai "Open ...

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  3. We are All Connecdted

    As you Drive through the city of Tottori on the north shore of Japan's Honshu Island just before dusk, you see Squid Fishermen preparing their boats equipped with huge Arc lights that attract the squid, to set sail for a night of work. Ten or fifteen miles down the road you stop and set up camp and before long it is pitch black except for a few million glittering stars and the glow on the horizon from a hundred or so of those fishing boats moored together two miles off shore in the Japan Sea. Imagine ...
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