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    We strive to attain Right Belief through maintenance of our day to day practice of shikantaza

    gassho, Shokai

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    Thank you Shokai. I work in the environmental sector and it is soul destroying to see how humans mess up this world for other species. However, you are right, the world will continue on its way with or without us (for a good read see Gassho.
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    thank you for persevering in your practice.
    Congratulations, and thank you very much for giving me a reminder each day.
    Deep bows, my friend.
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    Seeing "Good morning"s in unexpected, sometimes busy places. (Yours, Shokai)

    Seeing the wonder in the face of a homeless, when I was holding open the door for him.
    Seeing each other, greetings are delight.

    Gassho, Danny
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    This line really stood out to me
    Rewards of lasting value require patient and persistent toil. You could say what it comes down to is solving our own personal Genjo Koan
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    Myosha, your gift and presence are accepted and felt as tears stream freely in gratitude of our sangha and beautiful beings such as you. This new experience has brought forth the image of more Buddhas than one can imagine. Thank you for your friendship and please never think you are not loved in return.
    gassho, Shokai
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    Please accept my present of right attention and gratitude.

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    Thank you as well
    gassho, Shokai
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    Thank you.

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    Thanks you _/\_

    Quote Originally Posted by Myosha
    Unrestrained restraint! The best.

    Gassho, Myosha
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    Unrestrained restraint! The best.

    Gassho, Myosha
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    Thank you for the lesson.

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    Thanks for this Shokai. The last paragraph resonated with me. I'm glad we are training together. Gassho, Yugen
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    Hope everything is okay now.

    Will sit for you guys.


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    Yeah, it is a bit of a strange picture, but he is sitting!
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    Thank you Shokai. May I suggest you turn your avatar around again? It's just a picture ... but it's really weird.
    Gassho, Nindo
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    Thanks for the added teaching

    gassho, Shokai
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    Indeed! Thank you Shokai.
    Thinking of the wee bird, we follow the bait thinking it is the prize, but in spreading out our wings taking flight and jumping off... priceless!